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Mickey Urdea, Ph.D.

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Board, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Diagnostic Forum

Mickey is a world-renowned pioneer in personalized medicine. He led the development of world’s first HIV and HCV viral load tests while serving as the head of the Nucleic Acid Diagnostics business unit at Chiron. In 1998, he joined Bayer Diagnostics as Senior Vice President of Nucleic Acid Diagnostics and acting-Chief Scientific Officer of Bayer Diagnostics. Mickey left Bayer in 2000 and co-founded Tethys Bioscience in 2002, and has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Urdea received a Ph.D. in biochemistry at Washington State University and held an NIH postdoctoral fellowship at UCSF with William J. Rutter. He has published more than 185 articles and book chapters, and is an inventor of more than 100 issued and pending patents.