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Dean Tsao, Ph.D.

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Founder and Chairman, Genemed and PlexBio

Dr. Tsao has over 30 years of extended experience in the IVD industry. He received his Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Colorado. He is an accomplished scientist and successful entrepreneur with an excellent track record of launching and leading new companies to grow into successful businesses. The companies he has established have developed thousands of products that are currently being used in the diagnosis and research of cancer, HIV, Down syndrome, and numerous other medical conditions. The CISH test, one of the diagnostic products developed under the leadership of Dr. Tsao, targets the protein HER-2, which is an important indicator of breast cancer. Compared to the existing diagnostic method, the CISH test kit is significantly faster, more accurate, and more cost effective. The kit has been approved by the FDA for IVD use.