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About Us

Nanjing ze constant pharmaceutical technology development co., LTD. Was established in October 2009, presently for high-tech enterprises in jiangsu province, jiangsu province, the small and medium-sized enterprises and private technology enterprises in jiangsu province science and technology, the company is located in nanjing qixia hill, nanjing life science research and development of life - jiangsu science and technology innovation park, the company has a professional research and development laboratory, 600 square, including the synthesis, preparation, analysis, and other laboratory, new dosage form of the system are mainly focused on drug dosage in the research, development and registration. The company's main research directions are: children's drug delivery system, women's or gynecological drugs, improved preparation development and drug consistency evaluation. With the reform of the pharmaceutical system, the independent research and development of drug licensees as the company's main development direction.

The company has complete pharmaceutical research and development equipment, can carry out the research and development of various raw materials and drug dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, injections, freeze-dried powder, ointment and cream and other dosage forms, the company has a special preparation pilot test laboratory, including solid preparations, liquid preparations and semi-solid preparations. Analysis and detection equipment is complete, there are a variety of high performance liquid phase 9, a variety of detection means, such as ultraviolet, diode array full wavelength detection and evaporative light scattering detection. In addition, it also has imported fluorescence spectrophotometer, ultraviolet scanning, potential titration and moisture measuring equipment.